Real Estate Counselors

Win a 3-Night Stay in McCall, ID

As an extended gift of appreciation, The Real Estate Counselors thank you – our clients, family & friends – for your continued support!

Every real estate referral you send our way, BOTH you and your referral will be entered into a drawing for a 3-night stay at a fully equipped resort in McCall, ID.

2018 Winner of a 3-Night Stay at McCall

In a nod to the Real Estate Counselors service project for a school in Peru, we are joined by Lama “Captain Jack” (learn more). Congratulations to Terri C. for winning a 3 Night McCall Vacation!

Thank for being part of our Real Estate Counselor family!

Barb Crowell  –  Christian Busnardo  – Lisa Mick  –  Tamara Rowe